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What is iLeher?
Leher in Hindi means “wave”. iLeher is a guide to catch that high rising wave of Internet in India. Through analysis of news and events, case studies, comparisons of features, guest commentary and interviews with key players, readers will gain an in depth understanding of Internet industry in India, an industry buzzing with activity.

55 million blogs in the blogosphere. How does iLeher stand out?
The central theme of iLeher is – consumer Internet space in India. We like to talk about technologies, investments, people, ideas in this space. While there is and will be some overlap between the content on our blog and some of the other blogs (including the ones in our blogroll), the key difference is that we concentrate more on analysis/discussion/explore-ideas type of articles rather than direct news and developments in the industry.

Going forward
iLeher aims to create a platform for like minded individuals to share thoughts, connect and learn about the Indian Internet space.

Want to chime in?
We invite you to be a part of iLeher. In fact one of the objectives here is to create a community of entrepreneurs/budding entrepreneurs interested in the consumer Internet space to put forward their ideas, thoughts and analysis. So if you’ve got the blogging bug and would like to air your thoughts that fit in the overall theme of iLeher, please write to us at [madhur|vivek] at iLeher dot com and we will create an account for you. Of course, you do not need to make any commitment for the frequency of posts. You pick what you want to write about and you write when you feel like it. We feel that with this community model, any new author can use the already existing platform of contacts, resources and audience. As a result, the community can explore and brainstorm on a wide variety of ideas using the collective wisdom of the members and the common audience.

If you would rather just share ideas, feedback or occasional interesting stories/case-studies, please send an email and we would love to have you as a guest author.

Who is behind iLeher?

iLeher is founded by Madhur Khandelwal. Madhur currently works in an early stage shopping search startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked previously at Microsoft in Seattle and Motorola in Bangalore. He graduated out of BITS, Pilani in India with an undergrad degree in Computer Science and got a Masters degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University. These days he is busy building an online shopping site for the Indian market. Check out the site at Shoppingwish.in.

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iLeher is cofounded by Vivek Garg. Vivek is a developer at Microsoft in Seattle area, with a strong interest in Indian startup scene. He is currently working with live seach team. Vivek has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and has a Bachelors in Computer Science from REC Nagpur (VNIT). Vivek has previously worked with startup companies like Info-India, Ennovationz, Webginn.com (Nagpur ISP), and USInteractive (formerly Softplus).

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Following is the list of steadily growing iLeher community members

Samir Khandelwal: Samir is an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He currently works with Axis Bank as a Management Trainee. He did his undergrad in Mechanical Engg from NIT Rourkela.

Abhinav Goyal: Abhinav considers himself an technology (especially the Internet) enthusiast first. Perennially looking for solutions that help simplify people’s lives (and make him some money in the bargain), he has worked at a number of startups in the network and telecommunications infrastructure space including Tejas Networks, Winphoria Networks (now Motorola) and Aylus Networks (his current employer which is working on “mobile multimedia”). His hyperactivity has led him to believe that he suffers from ADHD, which he considers to be his greatest weakness as well as his greatest strength.

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Neeraj Arora: Neeraj is an internet enthusiast with a growing interest in mobile technologies. He graduated from IIT, Delhi in India and started his career with Accellion Inc. Singapore. He moved back to India to pursue his MBA at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He currently works in the Investment arm of one of the biggest internet&mobile content providers of India — indiatimes.com.

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Gaurav Kotak: Gaurav is an MBA candidate at the Haas School of Business at UC – Berkeley. Prior to business school, he was an investment associate at Scale Venture Partners where he focused on investments in Consumer Internet, Mobile Content and Software-as-a-Service sectors. Prior to joining Scale VP, he worked as a software engineer and technology lead at Intuit, a financial software company. He has a diploma in advanced software engineering from Santa Clara University and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

VVK Chandra is the webmaster of iLeher.com. He is a freelance web designer and is currently working on his own startup company BrightEye Web Solutions. He has previously worked with Satyam Computers Services Ltd. for two years before starting his own business. He is a technology enthusiast especially interested in Internet, Web 2.0 and Mobile Web. He has a strong passion for entrepreneurship. He has a personal blog at http://www.webgeekblog.com

Want to be part of the community and air your thoughts? Send email to madhur at iLeher dot com.

As you know, “42.7% statistics is made up on the spot”. So whenever we have a post quoting a fact or a number, please take it with some amount of salt. The analysis that we do and conclusions that we draw are based on these facts/numbers and can be true only to the extent that the source that has quoted them is true. We will try to make it a point to link to the source from where we we quote.

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