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Written by: Madhur

On Feb 5th, 2007

It’s a material world, appearance is everything. In this world of web2.0 you cannot have a site that doesn’t have AJAX. Wait, we are not big proponents of any of these beliefs. We just thought it was time we moved on from using one of the default WordPress themes and created a unique identity of our own. So here we are – check out the new design and layout.

Of course let us know if you think we can do anything more to make the appearance, usability, navigation or ability to find stuff better. Oh and while on feedback topic, also let us know if you have any on the content. As mentioned in the About page, we like to focus more on analysis type posts rather than covering news/developments in the industry. What do YOU like to see here? What have been some of your favorite posts? Anything you would like to see that we haven’t been covering?

Lastly and most importantly, many thanks to V.V.K. Chandra of BrightEye, who helped us with the design and implementation of this new look and feel. Kudos to all his creative ideas, implementation skills, and the patience he kept while doing numerous iterations on the design.

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Announcing iLeher reViews

Written by: Madhur

On Nov 20th, 2006

I’ve been getting a few requests lately for reviewing new startups in the consumer Internet space. Even though iLeher was not started with this aim initially, I figured it would be still valuable for readers to see reviews of startups/companies offering useful/cool services for users. Of course the usual analysis/commentary style posts will be there (thats what I like writing most). So to streamline the review process, I have come up with iLeher reViews. The way it will work is the following:

  1. The owner/promoter of the startup can contact me (madhur at iLeher dot com or use the Review Me link ) for getting their site/service reviewed.
  2. I will send a brief questionnaire, which the owner/promoter of the startup will fill and send it back to me.
  3. The question-answers will be put up on iLeher reViews.
  4. The readers will read these question-answers and vote/comment on these.
  5. On a regular basis, I will pick up an active startup/company, if any, in terms of number of votes and comments and review it (do analysis, point out competition, include suggestions, etc.) and put it up here on iLeher.
  6. I will also include the best comments from the readers in the post. After all user feedback is the most important thing for a consumer Internet company.

So please get in touch with me if you want your site to be reviewed and I will follow up with the questionnaire. Meanwhile, for the readers – the first startup for reView is already up and it’s – the local search engine. Check it out and put your valuable vote and comments.

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Your feedback ==> New blog features

Written by: Madhur

On Nov 3rd, 2006

Latest News
Over the past few weeks, I got quite some feedback from the readers of iLeher. One of the common ones was that while iLeher carries good analysis type stuff, day to day action/happenings in the industry is not covered. My common reply to this has been that I want this to be more analysis/discussion/detailed oriented blog to foster healthy discussions and create a community to share opinions on interesting stuff that is happening today and where the industry in heading. But recently I came across this neat plugin, using which I can post news links on the side. Look at the “In the News” section on the right hand side of the screen. I will try and regularly link to the latest interesting news in that section. I am not including this section in the feed as I do not want to clutter your feed readers with repetitive news that you may already be getting from other sites (partial list is in the blogroll on the side, will be adding more links there shortly)

The usual email method of feedback works (madhur at iLeher dot com), but it is usually not the most convenient one. Please find a “Ping” link on the top bar using which you can send your feedback. Use it for any type of feedback like suggesting interesting ideas, trends, ventures, companies, case studies or for requesting topics you may like to be covered here, or anything else related to the theme of this blog – Internet industry in India.

Custom Search
Google introduced custom search recently and I gave it a shot and found it to be quite useful. I have added a list of carefully selected trusted news sites to this custom search widget (look at the right side bar just below the Subscribe links) for searching news related to Internet industry in India. This comes in handy if you want to quickly look up info or stats on some company or industry.

More of your feedback/ideas/thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

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