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Vakow – it is all about execution !!

Written by: Vivek Garg

On Nov 2nd, 2007

I cannot stress the title enough. I wrote about SMS forwarding back in January. Here is an excerpt from the post “sms backup and storage“.

– Service should be dirt cheap, almost free. This needs innovation at multiple levels.
 – Service should be transparent to the end user. Something like automatic backup at the gateway. Just like an email server.
 – once stored, these messages should be easily browsable, searchable, taggable and shareable (fwd, download etc). “

And this is what Vakow has accomplished !!! Except the point on transparent backup which I am so glad they did not do to begin with. What I like most about the execution is “it’s so simple”.  If I was to go and execute on my thoughts I dont think I could have done a better start. I was thinking too complex a system. This is way up there. Kudos to RG and Amitu for pulling this off so well.

 It is still to be seen how they make money of the site. I dont know what these guys are thinking on business side but on execution side they have a great kick start. Site is doing really well as far as I could tell. Its lot of fun to spend time in shuffling though little pieces of text. Specially for someone like me; Being in US I don’t enjoy the universe of Indian texting.

Here is one joke I just read from the site:

How to catch a squirrel?

Climb up a tree & just be urself..Squirrels will come to u on their own..They just love nuts !!

While I was copy pasting this joke, I wished there was a Vakow widget for jokes. They can do all sort of stuff that applies to any social platform or micro-blogging platform like twitter or chittr. But can they remain simple ??

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