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VAKOW is not international; good it is social !!

I wrote about VAKOW earlier and how much I liked their interface; but I could never use it to forward these awesome jokes to my friends in India. This new year I wanted to wish family/friends in India through SMS. I wanted to do the same thing around Diwali. Every time I want to do so, VAKOW comes to mind but being in USA I cannot register on their site. So far you can only register on VAKOW if you have a (+91) number. RG, one of the founder tells me that it is on horizon. Here is why they haven’t done it so far

“mostly because of higher pricing and seemingly less demand in certain geographies/economies. We believe that SMS Forwarding is a very developing economies phenomenon where other means of entertainment are few”

I can understand the high price concern, but I am not sure SMS forwarding being only in developing economies. I do know people out here in USA who are constantly texting. Maybe not as much as being in India, but VAKOW can bridge that gap for the Indians residing outside.

Good news is they are going social. They have Orkut integration where one can forward SMS to their friends scrapbook. Not exactly SMS to SMS but this is SMS to social networking. And it seems to work. Yesterday, VAKOW took this social integration one step further. They have launched VAKOWAPP. VAKOW’s facebook application that I can use to forward SMS to my friends in my network.

RG tells me that this should solve half of my problem before they launch international registration. And he is right. I am loving this integration.



I would like to think of this as their second step

1. First step was to launch a great interface around a simple idea (SMS-> SMS)

2. Second step is to provide SMS -> social networks (Orkut/Facebook/Opensocial)

3. What is third? May be this is the time they should start thinking of mobile advertisements? What do you think are different ways of making money around VAKOW?

Let VAKOW know what you think of their facebook app !!