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  • Airlines save 20% by directing customers to Internet (Source)
  • 30,000 people buy travel tickets online everyday (Source)
  • Indian Railways has been selling Rs. 30 crore of tickets monthly on the Internet. Thats 2% of the total revenue for Indian railways
  • The online travel industry accounts for a mere 3% of the entire travel pie in India, experiencing a modest growth of 120%. However, nearly 60% of all e-commerce transactions in India are travel-related and has been estimated to account for nearly 10% of the domestic travel business by 2008.
  • Makemytrip, the leader in this segment, has 2.5 lakh registered users (looking at the 5 lakh figure soon) and clocks 3,000-4,000 transactions on its site everyday. Yatra, the second largest portal in this space, has about 40,000-50,000 unique visits a day. (Source)


  • The number of total Internet users in India stands at 35 million currently; out of this 10 million are considered to be “power users”, who can be targeted as ecommerce customers
  • There are around 3,300 Sify Iway’s in around 150 cities
  • Reliance Webword has 240 Reliance centers in 105 cities
  • The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) announced recently that 1.3 million Indians have broadband connections today.
  • India had 1.92 million high-speed connections at the end of October 2006, up from 690,000 in October 2005.
  • ISPs (389) have been licensed to operate Internet services today, top 20 players account for 98% of the subscribers. While internet telephony has been permitted to 128 ISPs, only 32 of them are presently providing this service. (Source)


  • Monster India registered base to cross 1 cr in India (Source)
  • The growth of online advertising — estimated to be Rs 162 crore in 2005-06 and expected to cross Rs 218 crore in 2006-07 — has also helped. (Source)


  • 60 million SMS’es were sent in India in the new years eve in 2005
  • Indian crossed the 100 million GSM subscribers mark in 2006, 50 per cent growth over 2005.
  • The wireless subscribers are much higher than the fixed subscribers in the country. The share of wireless phones has increased from 68 per cent in December 2005 to 78 per cent in November 2006. The total number of telephones has increased to 183.46 million in November from 125.79 million in December 2005.
  • The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has set a target of 250 million phones by December 2007, which will take the teledensity to 22 per cent. (Source)
  • The Gartner Group predicts that by 2010, China’s mobile subscriber base will expand at a compound rate of 11% a year (reaching 49% penetration) and India’s at 31% (to 32% penetration). (Source)


  • Nasscom estimates the Indian gaming market will grow at an astounding 78 per cent (compounded annually) to cross $300 million by 2009.

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